söndag 17 maj 2009

A trip to Capri

Well Dear reader, this weekend I have spent in one of the most amazing and maybe also one of the most expensive places in Europe… The island of Capri!

Capri has from the beginning of times been a resort for nobility and for people with a thick wallet and you see that immediately when you disembark from the ferry. The tourist harbor is has a big charm and gives an image of an old fishing village. However when you get to the first restaurant you realize that that is not the case, because when you have to pay 35 euro for a starter you know that you are at Capri and not Marseille.

Where to stay? Well I found a really cheap and good Hotel trough a site that is called www.venere.com it was a 4 star hotel for 67 euro/night. Good standard, continental breakfast and a twin bedroom.

What to do? First of all after the check in, I went for a walk around the island, there is a hiking track all around Capri. It takes a full day to negotiate the track but I can assure you that it is worth it. Bring a lot of water and jogging shoes.

Then it was back to the hotel, to shower and to get ready for the evening, there isn’t so much to do at Capri except going to a restaurant. I put on a suit, some Gucci perfume and then took off to the restaurant.

I was seated next to a group of Italians and not long after the wine came in they invited me to sit down with them and we had a really good evening together. I turned out that they lived there and the day after one of the new found friends took me to see Grotta Azzuro with his small boat.

It is amazing to see this cave. With its lights it becomes another universe and if you go to Capri you can´t miss that one!

In the afternoon it was time to say goodbye to Capri and take the ferry back to mainland, this time to the Harbor of Naples…

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