söndag 17 maj 2009

How to survive the subway in Rome

Well in all civilized countries there is a public transportation that works. This however is not the case in Rome. The trains are old, they don’t work very well and they are too crowded. Furthermore there are only 2 metro lines in Rome, Metro A and Metro B and they only meet in one place, Termini! They cover a very small part of the town so if you are unlucky and have to go to some other place in Rome you have to get the bus (which will have its own post later on).

So things to think about: You buy the ticket in advance, this you can buy in a “tabbacheria” or any small shop. This functions as an entry ticket and you have to keep it all the way. The ticket is valid different depending on what type you get.

When you get on the metro you will notice that people in Italy don’t understand that they have to continue to move into the metro but everybody wants to stand in front of the doors. So when you manage to get inside, hold tight because the drivers are very aggressive in their driving so you will always see somebody fall or step on anybody’s foot. If you step on anybody’s foot, just say “Scusa” and everything will be fine.

When you get to the stop Termini, be advised. It is like the landing in Normandy. Inside the metro you have 150 persons that want to get off and outside you have 200 that want to get on. So when the “biiiip” sounds and the doors open it´s like being a quarterback on Any Given Sunday.

Keep your bags close to you, don’t look back, leave no man behind and never stop and you should get of healthy and well!

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