tisdag 19 maj 2009

A bad italian manager

Some time I had a meeting where I work where have a manager that I don’t name here but his characteristics are very bad for a manger.

He has problems with listening to other persons, when he asks for the opinions of the other he doesn’t not really listen to them but instead he intercepts in the middle of the conversation without taking notice of what has been said. Furthermore he tends to be very inpatient and gets upset very easy.

Well I turned down the collaboration because a realized that it would way to hard working with him. Hi has his management position trough connections and history. He lacks a very important thing though, he doesn’t have the crew with him. Surely he notice this but he is to used to his manners that I assume that he will always be remain the same.

A manager like this hurts the company but also the manager himself, the sad thing is that when the manager or his higher managers take notice of the problems it tends to be far to late for repairing the damage done to the crew and the spirit.

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