torsdag 21 maj 2009

Italians and their mineral water

In Sweden, where I come from we drink water from the tap, it tastes really good and its healthy. In Italy however you can drink the water from the tap, but not in all cities.

For the Italians however this is not a big problem since they drink about 180 liters of bottled water each year and per person. The general Italian doesn’t drink from the tap but he drinks from the bottle. Water is served at lunch, at the break at dinner and it is always a real good water.

At first I was skeptical by the hysteria that water by the bottle would taste better but after a while I realized that water from the bottle is far more good tasting and now I can’t be without it. The only time I use water from the tap is when I brush my teeth!

Of course the Italians drink other things than water, they drink Wine as well but that we will write about in another post!

I list some nice brands of Italian water so you can taste it and feel the difference, I am sure you will find them in your well served grocery store.

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