tisdag 19 maj 2009

Book a Hotel in Italy Online

How do you book your hotels when you go on vacation? Do you go to your local travel agency, do you search and find your hotel online then take contact with the hotel in person with faxes and cc numbers back and forward or have you discovered the benefits to book online!?

There are several online booking portals on the internet, the biggest are Venere.com, Booking.com, Hotels.com and Expedia.com and they all provide similar services. At Booking.com you pay when you do the booking but at Venere.com you pay when you check out at the hotel. I prefer the later alternative since I keep the money until I have finished my stay.

When I first started to book my hotels online I was skeptical since I thought that there would be more expensive and that I would run a risk by sending my credit card details online etc. I can assure you however that these worries are unmotivated and that it is completely safe to book online and in almost every case cheaper!

Here I provide some links to internet portals for booking hotels online, have fun!

Venere.com Booking.com Expedia.com Hotels.com

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