söndag 17 maj 2009

The Italian Woman

Well what would be better but to start with describing the Italian woman. She is from my point of view the most beautiful woman in the world. You know if you are from America, Israel, Somalia, Scandinavia or from wherever you will notice a big difference. The Italian woman loves to be feminine. She protects here rights to be equal the man but she does it with class. Where in Scandinavia for example the woman has lost here femininity a long time ago.

In my office where I work in Italy the women always dresses elegant and sexy but with class. She loves attention and she loves compliments. She smiles and she is easy to talk with even if you are a regular guy.

I will give you a good example and I tell you this is not one in a million… Every morning I see the same thing.

I was going home from work and saw the most beautifully woman in my life, a thing that occurs every day but always with new objects;)

She had long dark hair, a black business suit, a white skirt which left just enough to let your fantasy do the work. She had a short black shirt, tanned dark stockings, and high heels. Every steep she took was a punch in the face. She was outstanding!

My question to you and maybe above all to you women; why is this a scenario that you only see in Italy?

Stay tuned for more real life postings!

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