fredag 29 maj 2009

How about Berlusconi

Media all over the world are often making fun of the President of Italy, Mr Berlusconi. The media often paints a picture of an incompetent clown, that he is stupid and corrupt. Is this true?

Well you have to know Italy and their history. The country have only been united for about 150 years and there are great differences from the people in the north and the south. There is a need for a strong person to govern Italy, there is no doubt about that!

Ok, let us get to the core then; is Berlusconi a clown? I say no! The media and the opposition creates this clown by taking his comments out of its context. Berlusconi is a great leader and a business man and he is made of the right stuff to govern Italy. Of course you may think different and I challenge you to post you comments and I will meet your argumentations!

Viva Berlusconi for ever!!!

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